Crowns And Bridges

Crowns And Bridges

Why A Crown or a Bridge?

Crowns or “caps” are like a helmet that fits over a broken down or weak tooth. They are also placed over implants.

Bridges are used where a tooth is missing. They involve crowns either side of the gap, and a fake bridge tooth in the centre.

Crowns and bridges are made of porcelain, or gold, or a combination of both.

Why choose a crown?

When a great deal of the tooth has broken away or been decayed, a crown is a good option. Often in these situations, fillings will be very difficult or unsuccessful. Crowns will protect the remaining tooth structure.

Why choose a bridge?

The alternative to a bridge is usually an implant. A bridge may be chosen in preference to an implant if the teeth next to the gap would benefit from crown placement, or if there are barriers to implant placement such as a sinus close-by.

What’s involved?

Two appointments are required for crowns and bridges. In the first appointment the tooth is prepared for the crown to fit over top. An impression is taken of the prepared tooth, which is sent to the dental laboratory in Maroochydore. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth. The laboratory takes between one and two weeks to make the crown or bridge.

In the second appointment, the temporary crown/bridge is removed and the permanent one is cemented in.

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