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Root Canal Treatment Noosa

Are you suffering from infected teeth and gums? Are they affecting the way you eat, speak and smile? Then it is time for a root canal treatment. While this may seem like a scary prospect, our team of expert dentists offer the best root canal Noosa has to offer.

At Noosa Family Dental, we are dedicated to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile bright. Our conservative approach to health care means that we prioritise saving your teeth wherever possible.

As experts in treating an infected root canal, Noosa Family Dental can remove, seal and protect your teeth, making us your first choice for root canal treatment. What are you waiting for? Book your root canal today!

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Noosa Root Canal Treatments

What Is A Root Canal?

Pulp grows inside the tooth and supplies the tooth with nerves and nutrients. If the pulp dies or becomes infected it can deep tooth decay, bad breath, broken teeth and extreme pain.

Even if a tooth is infected, it may not require extraction! Root canals are a revolutionary dental treatment that is designed to save the tooth and prevent pain, discomfort and further infections. Once the infection is removed, your tooth is cleaned, disinfected and carefully filled and sealed.

Our Noosa dental team will provide you with root canals that are comfortable, painless and effective. With us, you will be smiling in no time!


Root Canal With Noosa's Best

Why You Should Save Your Tooth

Not only are root canals painful, but if left untreated you can face detrimental health consequences. By addressing the infection as quickly as possible, you can save your smile (and wallet) from extensive dental work in the future!

  • Stops the spread of infection neighbouring teeth
  • Stops the spread of infection to the bone
  • Appealing and reliable results
  • Works to save your teeth
  • Enhances both oral and overall health

We understand that a trip to the dentist is daunting. that is why our team of friendly, highly skilled dentists aim at making your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With gentle and compassionate care, your root canal Noosa is taken care of.

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