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Noosa Family Dental is a dedicated family dental clinic that provides your kids with the best children's dentistry, including dental treatments and preventative care, across Noosa. Our compassionate dentists can help your children adopt the right healthy oral hygiene habits to protect their teeth and promote positive growth in their adult teeth. As a leading children's dentist on the Sunshine Coast, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment, not only for our young patients but for moms and dads as well!

Regular dental checkups for your child can help set a solid foundation for the future of their oral health. Not only does children's dentistry allow for the early detection of dental health problems, but it can build a positive relationship between your child and your family dentist and help teach young children the importance of proper dental care.

We are dedicated to providing a compassionate, supportive and positive environment from the moment you enter our clinic. Our treatment rooms have plenty of room for everyone to relax. Siblings are encouraged to be present so they too can learn how enjoyable visiting the dentist can be.

We accept the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS)

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Experts in Children's Dentistry

Educating Kids On Oral Hygiene

In addition to ensuring your child's teeth, gums and mouth are healthy, our children's dentistry services help to educate and promote good oral hygiene in young kids. To prevent serious oral health issues later on, it is important to start good hygiene habits early. This includes understanding how to brush properly, its importance and understanding how the teeth and mouth work.

There is no better teacher than the professional children's dentists at Noosa Family Dental. Our family-friendly dental services work to educate parents and their children on the importance of healthy teeth and gums and ensure that good oral hygiene habits are formed early on. Our team is dedicated to providing quality dental care in a fun, relaxed and family-friendly environment.

If you are looking for a dental practice that offers child dentistry services, our dentists are ready to help. Get started early and schedule your appointment today!

Start Children's Dentistry Early

Is My Child Ready For The Dentist?

We believe that overall health and wellness begin with a healthy mouth. Preventative dental care is extremely important, especially in children. As such, it is important that we take care of our mouth, teeth and gums from an early age. Parents can help their children develop healthy dental habits from a young age, both at home and by visiting the dentist regularly.

We firmly believe and recommend that an appointment be made within 6 months of your child's first tooth appearing. While this may seem young, the key word here is prevention! The development of your child's teeth is heavily influenced by proper dental care, so developing proper oral health awareness and habits is crucial from well before your children start losing their milk teeth. We know that, even as adults, a trip to the dentist is daunting. However, the earlier you can encourage your child and have them visit the dentist for regular check-ups, the better.

Typically, the first children's dentistry appointment is a simple one. Here, you and your child meet with our caring dentists in a welcoming environment where they are exposed to some of the treatments and instruments used, which is an excellent way to get them used to future appointments. We carry out a simple, gentle dental checkup that allows us to get a closer look at the condition of their teeth. In addition to this, you are given a host of useful information regarding the care of your child's teeth and mouth as well as the opportunity to as any questions regarding proper dental care.

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