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At Noosa Family Dental we place a high priority on prevention. Regular monitoring allows us to identify issues early, and empower you to maintain your teeth to an excellent standard. Your oral health impacts on your general health and vice versa. This makes regular check-up appointments very important.

How often?

The frequency of appointments is determined by a range of factors including decay risk and oral hygiene. 6 months is the average frequency, however, your dentist will tailor the recommendation to fit you. It could be 3 monthly, or yearly.

What is involved?

TALK - These appointments give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns about your teeth, from small chips, to the overall appearance. The checkup is also a great time to talk about longer term strategies.

LOOK + DIAGNOSE - Dental check-up appointments allow the dentist to thoroughly examine the entire mouth - teeth, gum and soft tissues. We detect disease early and recommend the appropriate action to correct it. Digital x-rays are used every 2-5 years depending on a patient’s risk. These are low dose x-rays which allow us to detect decay between teeth and under crowns.

TEACH - We assess your oral hygiene and refine your tools and approach based on what we find.

CLEAN - Thorough professional dental cleaning with ultrasonic instruments and polishing tools removes built up hard deposits which your toothbrush alone can not remove. Left, these deposits upset your gums and can lead to gum disease.

PLAN - We can discuss the pros and cons of certain treatments.

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