Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

What Happens If A Tooth Has To Be Removed?

At Noosa Family Dental our aim is to protect, repair and keep as many teeth as possible. Unfortunately however, situations arise where a tooth does need to be removed.

Extractions may be required when:

  • teeth are very heavily decayed
  • teeth are cracked, split, traumatised
  • in situations where a root canal treatment is not indicated
  • gum disease
  • the tooth is not functional

What is involved?

An X-ray will provide detail on the shape of the roots and the state of the tooth, giving us a fairly clear idea of what will be involved in removing it. Your dentist will discuss with you what they can see so you understand what to expect. The difficulty of an extraction is based on factors such as:

  • The condition of the surrounding teeth
  • The angulation of the tooth
  • The shape and angles of the roots
  • How much bone holds the tooth in
  • Proximity of local nerves and sinuses

If the extraction is best performed by a specialist Oral Surgeon, then your dentist will refer you to one.

Contrary to common belief the tooth is pushed and wiggled out, rather than “pulled”. A dressing is placed in the socket after extraction to aid clot stabilisation and healing.

I’m worried about it hurting 🙁

Tooth extraction needn’t be a painful procedure. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure that the tooth and surrounding gums are completely numb. We will never proceed if you are in pain or uncomfortable.

If you are anxious about tooth removal, happy gas is a great, safe way to allay your fears during the appointment.

How long will it take to heal?

The socket will normally take 10-14 days to completely heal. It is important to follow the Dentist’s instructions regarding care of the area to ensure the smoothest healing phase. Recommendations include resting, avoiding alcohol, not smoking, salt water rinses, pain killers, and eating soft foods.

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