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Sometimes, if you are feeling significant discomfort in your tooth and jaw, having a tooth pulled is the best decision - for you and your health. While Noosa Family Dental places a focus on preventative care we are experts in exodontia treatments and routinely perform tooth extractions to provide our patients with lasting relief.

Do I need a tooth removed?

At Noosa Family Dental our aim is to protect, repair and keep as many teeth as possible and tooth extractions are always the last case scenario.  Unfortunately, however, situations arise where a tooth does need to be removed. Damaged teeth can usually be restored when attended to promptly and if left untreated can lead to severe infection and periodontal disease.

Extractions may be required when:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Teeth are cracked, split, traumatised
  • Situations where a root canal treatment is not indicated
  • Gum disease
  • Impacted teeth and wisdom teeth removal

In most cases, tooth extraction can be avoided with the right oral care. This includes regular brushing and routine checkups. So, if you are experiencing any dental problems, don't hesitate. Schedule your appointment with Noosa Family Dental today.

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What You Need To Know About Tooth Extraction

The Tooth Extraction Process

Making the decision to pull and remove teeth can make anyone quake at the knees! However, today, tooth extraction is a simple and minimally invasive process that can help relieve intense pain caused by impacted, infected and broken teeth. An X-ray will provide detail on the shape of the roots and the state of the tooth, giving us a fairly clear idea of what will be involved in removing it. We will discuss what we can see so you understand what to expect.

The difficulty of extraction is based on factors such as:

  • The condition of the surrounding teeth
  • The angulation of the tooth
  • The shape and angles of the roots
  • How much bone holds the tooth in
  • The proximity of local nerves and sinuses

If your extraction is best performed by a specialist Oral Surgeon, then your dentist will refer you to one. Contrary to common belief the tooth is pushed and wiggled out, rather than “pulled”. A gauze pad and dressing are placed in the socket post-extraction where clot forms and is stabilised and healed.

Will removal hurt?

Tooth extraction needn’t be a painful procedure! Local anaesthetic is used to ensure that the tooth and surrounding gums are completely numb. If you are anxious about tooth removal, happy gas is a great, safe way to alleviate your fears during the appointment. At Noosa Family Dental we specialise in alleviating your pain and enhancing your smile. As such, we will never proceed if you are in pain or uncomfortable.

After Your Tooth Extraction

Enjoy Long-Term Pain Relief

Some pain and swelling are expected for up to 72 hours after your appointment. The socket will normally take 10-14 days to completely heal.

It is important to follow the Dentist’s instructions regarding care of the area to ensure the best, most reliable healing. As such, you will want to avoid any activities that may disrupt the healing process such as exercising, smoking and drinking. It is also highly recommended to rest, rinse with salt water, and eat soft foods. Before you know it, you will be up and ready to tackle life like you used to, pain-free!

The benefits of tooth removal

Does it hurt to bite down or chew? Do you avoid favourite foods for fear of triggering persistent pain? While it is almost always reserved as a last resort treatment, tooth removal and extraction offers a number of benefits.

Tooth extraction can help prevent the spread of decay and infection, as it fully removes the root of the problem. Many people suffer from overcrowding that can lead to misalignment in their smiles and other dental issues. As overcrowding causes teeth to overlap, they are difficult to clean causing tartar build-up and decay.

The biggest benefit of tooth extraction is pain relief! Once decay and infection is gone, you are able to talk, eat and drink normally once again!

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