White Fillings

White Fillings

At Noosa Family Dental we are an amalgam (silver/mercury) free practice.

Why composite resin fillings?

Tooth coloured fillings are our preference for a number or reasons:

  • Conservation of natural tooth: Tooth coloured fillings require less of the precious tooth to be removed. They are bonded in, allowing them to actually support and reinforce the tooth.
  • Natural appearance: They look great! There have been incredible advancements in resin technology over the passed 20 years. We now have excellent shade selection and colour stability.
  • Strong: These materials, if designed correctly, can rival porcelain longevity. They are strong enough to protect back teeth, and restore front teeth.
  • Quick: Composite resin is placed on the spot, there is no need for multiple appointments.
  • Repairable: Unlike porcelain, resin can often be repaired if there is local degradation. This is a cost effective strategy.

What is composite resin used for?

Composite resin is a very adaptable material which can be used throughout the mouth.

On back teeth we use it to:

  • Repair breakages
  • Restore areas lost due to decay
  • Protect teeth from crack penetration
  • Close annoying gaps which trap food

On front teeth we use it to:

  • Change the shape, size and appearance of the teeth
  • Cover stains
  • Close gaps
  • Make teeth appear straighter
  • Restore breakages
  • Restore areas lost due to decay.

What’s involved?

The dentist will need to prepare the surface of the tooth and clean it thoroughly. A couple of tooth preparation liquids are placed. The resin is then placed and moulded in thin layers, each layer is set with a blue light. The blue light makes the resin hard. The bite is checked and adjusted and the filling polished until it is very smooth. Local anaesthetic is not always necessary.

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