Emergency Appointments

Emergency Appointments

Need An Emergency Appointment?

At Noosa Family Dental we are here to help you, whether you have a raging toothache or an annoying chipped tooth.
We reserve appointments every day so we can be ready to help you.
It is important to have your problem seen as soon as possible, to relieve your pain and prevent further issues.

At an emergency appointment, we assess the issue, give you your options and provide treatment to relieve your pain or fix the broken tooth.

Common reasons for seeking emergency dental appointments are:

A painful tooth: An infection or abscess on a tooth can cause severe pain which disrupts sleep, and your ability to use the tooth. It often results from decay, a deep filling, or a crack. Once a nerve has died, and an abscess (infection) has formed, the infection needs to be removed by either root canal treatment, or removal of the tooth.

A sensitive tooth: There are many reasons for a sensitive tooth, often they can be managed easily. It is worth having sensitivity checked because, as in the case of a crack, early treatment will prevent expensive and painful consequences later on. Causes for sensitivity can be cracks, exposed dentine, decay, or leaking fillings.

A broken tooth: Broken teeth or fillings are important to treat in most cases. Even if the tooth isn’t cutting your tongue or causing pain, a broken tooth can lead to infection if left for a prolonged period. If a piece of tooth has broken away from a filling, removing the old filling and replacing it is usually the best solution. This method protects the tooth from further breakdown, and creates a strong, stable filling.

An infected wisdom tooth: Wisdom teeth can become painful as they are erupting. It is important for your dentist to have a look at the area. They will assess whether the area is currently infected and how to manage the infection. Or whether it is just a case of keeping the area cleaned carefully and watching the tooth erupt. A scanning X-ray is most often needed to assess the position of these teeth.

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