Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards

Tooth Protection For Sporting Activities

We have our adult teeth from the age of six. Sporting injuries have lifelong effects. A knock or large chip in your adult front tooth will often lead to thousands and thousands of dollars spent over a lifetime.

Prevention is better than cure!

A custom made “MOUTH” guard not only protects the teeth, but the oral tissue from damage. It cushions impacts and minimises the risk of broken teeth as well as injuries to your tongue, lips or jaw.

When is a mouthguard used?

The mouth is at risk of trauma during participation in contact sports such as boxing, football, basketball, hockey and karate, as well as some non-contact sports and activities such as mountain biking and skateboarding. We recommend these are worn at all times when your child is engaging in sports, this includes weekly practices as well as games.

What are my options?

Store-bought one-size-fits-all “boil and bite”

You can buy mouthguards from the pharmacy which are heated and moulded to the mouth at home. The trouble with these is that the fit is never good. The boil and bite method inevitably creates thick zones, and thin zones. These guards will not hug the mouth enough to prevent dislodgement. Wearing a guard of this nature will unlikely prevent tooth damage.

Custom-made dental mouthguards

These are professionally custom made by your dentist. They offer an excellent fit so they will stay in your mouth. The thickness of the guard is carefully controlled and measured so that your teeth and jaws will be protected from impact in any direction.

Custom guards are more expensive than store-bought options, however they are covered by health fund rebates so there will often end up cheaper!

What is the process for getting a custom mouthguard?

Moulds are taken of your upper and lower jaws. Your dentist takes into consideration the way that your jaws come together. The guard will extend far beyond the teeth to protect the jaw bone and hold the guard in your mouth more effectively.

You can choose from a large range of colours, and even combine two or three to create your own custom design.

The guard is made on the Sunshine Coast and will take 3-4 days.

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